Rhino 7 WIP and Microsoft .NET Framework 4,8

Dear developers,
We are using Rhino 7 WIP and RhinoInside and a lot of architects are very happy with it.
The only problem we have from IT part is that with the latest version 7.0.20238.17095 it required Microsoft .NET Framework 4,8 been installed.
The other previous versions works without it and we prefer not to install .NET Framework.

Is there any way to make a new version of Rhino 7 WIP whithout this?

Can you tell me more about why installing .NET 4.8 is not something you want to do?

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your fast reply.
We are now testing it with it so I was too fast and also W10 1909 has Framework 4.8 and we are still on 1803 without Framework.
Thanks for your support anyway