Does newest Rhino WIP support 4.0 .NET framework?


Rhino 5 did support. What about the newest Rhino WIP? It’s 4.5 .NET framework based?

(Steve Baer) #2

Yes, the WIP uses .NET 4.5


Thank you.

(Giulio Piacentino) #4

I’d like to mention that Djordje was asking this because .Net 4.5 is only supported by Windows Vista SP2, 7 or 8.

(Steve Baer) #5

Just to be clear, the current Serengeti build requires Windows 7 or above.

We are already using .NET 4.5 multithreading features and our file open/save dialogs are only supported on Vista and above. We are also only compiling as a 64 bit application and XP 64 was never really a well supported operating system.