Rhino 7: Windows vs. Mac

Can someone who knows tell me if the Mac version of Rhino 7 has all the same features and functions of the Windows version? Thanks!

Not perfectly identical, but really close.
There are differences and limits imposed because of the 2 different operating systems.

Is there something specific you’re curious or concerned about?

My biggest concern is transitioning seamlessly as possible between the two work environments (i.e., finding the tools, settings, etc.), since I intend to run both platforms (one at a time, of course!).

The user interface is probably the biggest difference between them.
They were designed with the sensibilities of Mac and Windows in mind and that they would stay separate.
There is some work being done to make them a bit more unified but that is certainly not now.
Most people like one interface much better than the other.



They are generally pretty similar but it will not be seamless - V8 will have a much better correspondnce, between Mac and Windows UI. They can’t be identical, at least not yet, but 8 will be closer.



Fair enough. Thank you.

Rhino Mac does not have Worksession which is important for some users and doesn’t matter for others.