Rhino 7 Upgrade Promotion ends 10-March

Commercial Upgrade Promotion - Save 33%

  • The commercial upgrade promotion price ends on 10-Mar-2021.
  • Any older version of Rhino can be upgraded for the same price.
  • Rhino evaluation versions are NOT upgradable.

Buy before 10-Mar-2021

Former student or faculty

  • Educational licenses never expire .
  • Your older Rhino educational license may be upgradable. Just buy a commercial upgrade.
  • You will need your old license key. Find it here.

Try Rhino 7 or Buy

Students, faculty, and schools

  • Educational licenses never expire .
  • There are no subscription, maintenance, or support fees.
  • Special educational upgrade prices are available.
  • You are welcome to use your educational license for commercial work, as long as you are the only user.

Try Rhino 7 or Buy

Still need additional Rhino 5 or 6 licenses?

  • Buy a full* Rhino 7 license.
    *Rhino 7 upgrades and lab licenses are not eligible for legacy.
  • Go to the download page where you can download an older version of Rhino and retrieve a legacy key using your new Rhino 7 license key.
  • Keep in mind that you will still only have one single-user license.

One more thing - If you are using the LAN Zoo…

  • You will need to upgrade to LAN Zoo 7 (it is free).
  • Or move to the Cloud Zoo (a Rhino Accounts Team).