RemoveExistingSymmetry as right click

I thought maybe you could add a right click to the Symmetry button to remove existing symmetry with one click.


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@theoutside Thanks Kyle for implementing my suggestion so quickly!

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I have Bravo-Charlied about how difficult it is to disable the “Reflect” tool/command. Right-clicking doesn’t work to disable reflect in version 7.1 (commercial release) of Rhino. What does work is counterintuitive to me and is inconsistent with the majority of Rhino commands that I’ve learned.

The workflow for enabling reflection goes like this: Click the icon for reflect/enter the command “Reflect”->Choose the object to reflect->Enter one of suggested global axes to reflect from or sketch your own axis->Pick the side you want to keep->Object is reflected

The workflow for disabling reflection goes something like this: Click the icon for reflect/enter the command “Reflect”->Choose the object to remove reflection from->Choose "RemoveExistingSymmetry->Object reflection is disabled:

Why not add a command to simply “RemoveExistingSymmetry” without going through the steps for adding reflection? The counterintuitive steps lie in the fact that I have to initiate the “Reflect” command/mode in order to remove existing SubD reflection. Again, the right-clicking option that has been talked about on the Reflect icon is non-existent on the version 7.1 Rhino I’m using.

Your toolbar looks like it’s missing a few commands. You might want to run ‘Toolbar Reset’

When you hover the mouse on the reflect command, do you see an option for right clicking?

Only “Reflect SubD Object” shows. Will resetting the toolbar reconfigure all my icons?

You can save custom / personal toolbars before a reset. And yes, all things custom are reset.

Toolbar Reset fixed the issue. Thank you :slight_smile: