Rhino 7 step files very slow

Imported step files from solid works / creo (shaded mode) are after importing really slow / impossible to work with / in Rhino 6 we could play with these identical files.
Same fast workstation.
Step files can not be shared. (confidential)

Case one A: step files
Imported in rhino 6

Case one B: same step files
Imported in rhino 6 / opened in rhino 7

Case two: same step files
Imported in rhino 7

Case three: same step files
Imported in rhino 7 / saved as rhino 6 and opened again in rhino 7

Case four: same step files
imported in rhino 7 and change
(shaded mode) “color & material usage” from“ object color to rendering material”

Did the original imported file have per-face colors applied? If so does RemovePerFaceColors help the speed any (without changing the shaded display mode)?

Thanks, Helvetosaur, I just tried it, no change.

Hi Juan -

Please upload a sample STEP file to Rhino - Upload to Support</ti and copy the URL to this thread in the comments field.

Dear Wim,

Our files are confidential so no share possible.
It refers to all step file’s from clients in Solid Works and also from Creo generated by us.
The difference is really big, closely not rotatable to play with it.

What Wim is saying is that if this issue is disrupting an important part of your workflow it should be worth your time to create from one of your problem files an example that contains no proprietary information but retains enough problem objects whose shapes and positions reveal no secrets but still demonstrate the problem.

Without such an example it’s essentially impossible for the developers to troubleshoot and identify the issue. On the other hand, with such a file they can (and will, as past experience has demonstrated) make a good faith effort to identify and correct the problem and/or provide a workaround. In some cases it’s only necessary to provide the user with more instruction on how to approach the issue. but even this is better facilitated by an example file so they fully understand what the user is experiencing.

Your issue sounds like something for which a solution will benefit many users so I think we’d all be grateful if you could create a good example.

_RemovePerFaceColors doesn’t work directly into block instances, so first _ExplodeBlock _AllBlocks .

Steve, this worked, Perfect! Many thanks!
If not yet in next update, :slight_smile: It really makes a big difference.