Rhino 7 on macOS 11 (Big Sur)?


macOS 11 (Big Sur) is released today.

Will Rhino 7 run on macOS 11 with Intel CPUs?



We think so but I have not tried it personally.


I tried a beta on a separate volume on my MBP and Rhino 6 and 7 worked. I haven’t tried the release version yet.


Are there any known issues with Big Sur and Rh6?

Not that I know of, but I just made the upgrade and have mainly been using Rhino 7 on it.

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That is my question also as I need to get a new MacBook in the near future. Will Rhino 7 work good on the new M1 chips in rosetta or should I get an older intel chip model? New M1 chip MacBooks are a little bit cheaper…
Thanks, Cathal .

Don’t buy the new M1/Silicone setup yet.
We don’t know if it will work.
If it did it would be reliant on Apple’s emulation tools.
Very risky.

If you can afford to buy a new computer and risk your Rhino not working, I can’t stop you.

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Thanks John, will wait a bit to see what happens…

And today, is RhinoMac7 working on a MacBookPro with IOS BigSur ?

Hi -

Yes, Rhino 7 runs on macOS 11 (BigSur) - see the system requirements here: Rhino - System Requirements
Note that it specifies that the Silicon M1 Macs are not supported.