Rhino 7 missing camera view options

One thing I can’t find is the camera view option in Rhino 7. This is a very helpful command especially when setting a rendered view. Has this option been removed on rhino 7 or is there a command to get to this place. Also why would the developers remove this command. Please see my screen shots which explain my question better. Thanks for any feedback that can be provided.


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If you are referring to the Camera command which shows and hides the camera object it is still available. Rhinoceros Help

I’m actually referring to the commands that I circled in blue on Rhino 6. It’s a position commnd where you can take big or small steps or turn your head.

Do you mean WalkAround?

yes thats what I mean

It’s actually WalkAbout, not WalkAround. It’s still in V7.

Perhaps I shouldn’t respond when taking a break from mowing brush.