Rhino 7 Layout Panel

Please, would be possible to add possibility to create “groups” of layouts similar to layer and sub-layers logic. It would help significantly to organise large architectural projects for example plans, sections, views, details etc. Same for exporting, to have possibility to “tick” only drawings/groups to print to pdf.
Thanks a lot!


Hi, check this Wish - Layout groups

Hi Tomas -

This feature request is on the list as item RH-29946.

This one is here: RH-55300.
I’ve added your vote to both.

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Thanks a lot!

Please also ad the option to export / print (PDF) to individual pdf sheets from a layout containing many layouts.
Adding a “Pdf print with file name” pane in the layout panel would enable us to name in the layout panel the exported pdf and thereby print many individual pdf sheets with the specific drawing number/name already on them.

Hope this makes sense (the architects will know :slight_smile:

Please make this happen :slight_smile: