Rhino 7 (Latest) Annotation lagging a lot!

Hi all,

Just purchased Rhino 7, installed and the annotation lagging is really extreme. Only happens with the properties window open. Certainly not a hardware issue as I have latest drivers and latest Rhino. I have see other comments similar. No plugins at this time.
Any help pleae?

Evening all,

Just a follow up on my earlier post regarding the properties box and annotation lagging…
Is this being experienced by any others?
No plugins loaded, clean install, RH5 never an issue with this…

Help please!


NO need to multiple post please.

Hi - this known issue is on the list as RH-62653.

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FYI, this looks to be a copycat, not a post from myself (rupertenberg)

I may be mis-understanding RH-62653, but it seems like you’re pointing to missing fonts being part of the issue. I have been experiencing this issue (lag when selecting any text) with installed fonts. A few other notes:

  • It may or may not be relevant, but this was also an issue with Rhino 6. I believe the cause of the lag was determined to be spell-checker.

  • It isn’t at all ideal for my workflow, but one solution (for me and possibly others) is to simply close the Properties tab. With Properties closed, there is no lag when selecting and de-selecting text / annotations / dims. There is also no lag when double-clicking the text to bring up edit text dialog.

You know better :man_facepalming:

Oh oh, yes double-click there is no lag whatsoever. It is really an annoying issue this. Brian mentioned to me over email that this could be an issue with graphics cards on laptops and the dual nature of having an intel card and say, a mobile nvidia, but I have played around with settings and priorities and nothing seems to make much difference.

Hopefull we can get this sorted soon!