Bug when opening Grasshopper file on M1

I’m working on Rhino WIP 8 (8.0.22067.16306, 2022-03-08) with a M1 MacBook.
Every time I try to open a Grasshopper (.gh) file straight from the finder (by double clicking on it) Grasshopper opens with no issue, but Rhino stalls and keeps loading on a grey screen [see attached screenshot].

In this status Grasshopper is responsive and seems to be working well, but there is no feedback by Rhino. The weird thing is that once I try to ⌘+Q quit the program Rhino prompts me to save the new document I’ve created, showing as far as I understand that the file is actually open, just not visible…? [see attached screenshot]

The file I’ve been using trying this is an old radiation study that I made back when learning Gh, but it happens with every file. I’ll attach it for good measure, but it does not seem to be file related.
Radiation analysis.gh (555.6 KB)
I’m working with a 2021 M1 Max MacBook Pro, 32GB ram, CPU 10‑core, GPU 32‑core.

This happens on my Intel Mac with Rhino 7, too. Opening Grasshopper files by double-clicking on them is not recommended. It leads to very unpredictable behaviour.
It’s even worse when there are GHPython components on the canvas of the file to open, like for instance these Ladybug components.

Just open Rhino first, then start Grasshopper from within Rhino, and open the desired GH file.

That’s what I’ve been doing until now, but I should have pointed out before how I never have this problem on any version if I work on windows, so I thought it was an issue with the Mac counterpart.
If you tell me that’s an expected behaviour (albeit, not a feature… right??) then I’ll just keep opening Rhino first.
Thanks for the reply!