Rhino 7 Evaluation license problem

I installed the Rhino 7 evaluation on my iMac running Big Sur. It was installed for use on that computer only (MacOS on iMac). Restarted to Windows 10 on the same computer and installed the Rhino 7 evaluation there, too. Again, installed for use on that computer only (Windows 10 on iMac).

Restarting to MacOS (same computer), I can no longer use the evaluation version because it won’t verify my license. Says I have to release it on the other computer first.

What’s up with that?

Oh great – both the Mac and Windows evaluations have the same license number!

I released the standalone license from the Windows version then added it to my Rhino account. That worked just fine on the iMac running Windows 10.

Restarted to iMac running MacOS and tried to sign in using my Rhino account. The license I just added while running Windows 10 didn’t show up. When I tried to add it I was informed that the license was still being used by this iMac running Windows 10.

I’ve spent hours this morning trying to resolve this issue. How do I get this licensing to work? I sometimes want to work with Rhino under MacOS and other times under Windows 10 on the same computer.

Please help!

If the license is in your Rhino account, you can use it on any computer/platform - one at a time. If you are alternatively booting your Mac back and forth between MacOS and Windows (via Bootcamp), make sure you have no Rhinos running on the current OS before you reboot into the other. That will release the license. Otherwise you will get a message that it is in use elsewhere. Changing the OS on a Mac is like switching between two different machines.

In theory, even if you don’t do that, when you boot into the new OS, you should get a message asking you if you want to remove the license from the other machine (OS), and you should be able to click yes. Don’t know why it isn’t working for you.

I got the licensing issues sorted out, thanks!