Default units cannot be set/changed to any other than centimeters

When opening rhino and a new window/workspace it always opens it with centimeters instead of millimeters (which is the common and necessary thing to do when designing most things).


In the options menu files>template files… change the default template to the, either large of small, object millimeters template. This will, when starting rhino, open the default template in milimeters.

/\ Matthijs

Also, units can be changed in the unit section of the Document Properties page. Click on Properties under File, or type the DocumentProperties command, and then select Units.

I managed to change it. Thank you!!! To the Rhino developers. It would be good to have a visual element suggesting to change the default template. Maybe like the blue dot in layer to let you know where you work in. To do a secondary click on the template you want to make default doesnt seem to be a natural move in this type of window or even in Mac…or maybe its just me…but i left it now for so long when it automatically changed with an update because i could not find it myself.