Rhino 7 | C# | Visual Studio - Grasshopper Component

Hi All,

I am learning C# and working on trying to build a component for the first time.
I have been trying for a couple of hours now and downloaded “RhinoCommon and Grasshopper templates for Rhino 7” for visual studio but when I build the file created as is (no changes) it gives me one error “msb3644”. I am doing an old tutorial which is meant for rhino 6 and 2017 VS.

I was wondering if there is a tutorial out there I can follow to create a simple component so I can start with and build up.

Thank you in advance for the support !

If you are VS2017, try installing this:

– Dale

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Hi Dale,

thanks for your reply. I am using VS 2019. maybe thats why I am getting the error? I was wondering if there is a tutorial out there I can follow for VS 2019 and C# for grasshopper components. I havent been able to find one just yet

Try to use nuget instead of downloading packages manually. Go to nuget manager and search for grasshopper. It will automatically install rhinocommon as well. The rest should be the same as in old tutorials. There were good ones from Long Nguyen at Videos


Worked! thanks
Yes, I was on the second day of one of his series and got stuck on the component build up.

How did you do it? using VS2019 even in the sample code provided it doesn’t import the GH_Component class from Grasshopper.Kernel.