Rhino 7.2 bugs in advanced options

It is difficult to identify bugs in advanced options (Options>Advanced) because there is no documentation of the advanced options. One of the bugs (I do not remember which one) crashed Rhino yesterday. I remember two bugs:

Rhino.Options.UiPaintColors.TabBackground does not display its color and it cannot be changed. I have posted the following screenshot to prove that this option existed a few hours ago. (It is the last one.) To my surprise, this option disappeared.

Rhino bug, advanced colors 2

Rhino.Options.UiPaintColors.TextDisabled does not remember its default value. When I changed its default value, my user-defined value became its default value.

It seems that nothing is more frustrating than changing bright/dazzling Rhino interface colors to dark/comfy colors. Most of Rhino colors are not documented. Some colors are controlled by buggy Windows Themes.

Have you tried the ColorScheme plug-in from the PackageManager? Use its dark mode to get started.

disclaimer: current status of the plug-in is more to get the light style done, but the dark is pretty ok already (and yes, it isn’t complete or good in all cases)

I tried it five minutes ago - just a coincidence. The dark style turned my command prompt text and background white, so I could not see anything in the command prompt.