Rhino 6: UV texture mapping in Rhino renders falsely


I’ve got an error report, that uv mapping is false in the Rhino (6.8) render:

I can confirm this in Rhino 6.7. I’ll send the file to support@mcneel.com.



Hi Michael - I got your note on the support email, I’ll take a look.



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Yes - something is wrong…we’re looking into it. In the meantime, you can use the Bake command to get the right result.

  • Andy

This is a bug in the Legacy Rhino Render and will not be fixed. The new Rhino Render in Rhino 7 WIP does not have this issue.

Hi Jussi, I will sound rood but Do you think we are going to use it?
You probably know all this way better than me!
If you are 100 people making the new rendering well yes but is not the case. Are you implementing something like Iray?

Now that I think, since the 90s, In all my carrier, I never used the Rhino legacy build in Render. Just the first few days. The reality is that nobody or there was not a full large team working actively on it (I mean the rendering side). In presentations, I always used Rhino realtime instead of renders. With few textures. And I was a poor resources person. Rhino plugins around 2000, Rendered in realtime, or render outside (since 2010) Cinema 4D, etc. Also because in Rhino, animation, and shader graphs, particles, were missing. I was using that in Alias! The 90s

And at the same time is the most important piece of software that a 3D tool like Rhino must-have. Rhino never had or will have the real intention of improving this section. And that is the reason way users put Rhino side apart or when you say new Rhino Render nobody is clicking the love button. I’m trying to be honest and save you time.

Now that all the new industries grow up based around Rendering (that Rhino left behind). Today, to make a competitive “new Rhino Render” you must be almost realtime and raytraced at least like Substance Painter does. Omnivores will try that. The advantage of Rhino is that contains in itself the full model. So Rendered in Rhino is the solution for everyday problem. And I’m not able to do that in Painter.

For Rendering and animation, we go AR, VR to Unity, Blender, Unreal, Otoy Octane, Arnold, PiXYZ, Vred + Rhino integrated plugins, and now Omnivers after a difficult painfull mesh conversion process.

If you want to make a competitive " new Rhino Render" with a team it is better to integrate Unity or Unreal inside Rhino. You know: Shaders, Render pipelines, animations, texture streaming, 3D streaming to clients not sharing the 3D model, cloud-based, etc etc.

But @Jussi_Aaltonen you are only one man team!

UV mapping, unwrapping, unfolding the mesh, good mesh conversion, and reliable exporters USD FBX OBJ IGES (to let say Omnivers) is way more important than a “new Rhino Render”. And I know that you are doing that. So as you say. If you take out the legacy raytracing rendering probably few people will notice that since we (I presume) relay in “rendered”. But I presume this also applies to the future new Rhino Render.** I think I’m not going to push the rendering button in Rhino**. Maby 2 times. One to look at it and a second to double check it.

It can be useful to call them Render-Rraytraced (instead of Render) and Render-Rasterization (instead of Rendered)? And if you put a click counter on the buttons to pick up how many times “Render” is used?

I’m excited about a new Rhino Render. But back in time, young boys’ new users like me were excited about a simple raytracing button. My heart was beating. The new generation is coming out from Unity, Unreal, and Blender migrating to Rhino. So they are expecting full compatibility exporting shader graph, Speedtrees, populating terrains with simple tools for grass, Layer environment migration…

Alan, thanks for your honesty!

Firstly - and please correct me if I’ve understood something wrong - I’m only involved in Rhino Render development very little and the only intention of my above reply was to give users update about the reported bug. I believe developers with more experience on rendering can jump in here and take note of the important aspects in your feedback and answer your questions. @andy perhaps?

From where I sit it looks like a lot of development is going on around rendering. The new Rhino Render in Rhino 7 WIP is based on Cycles just like the Raytraced display mode in Rhino 6.

I’ll see what I can do to put more weight on fixing bugs and developing new features on those areas.
Some additions in Rhino 7 WIP from the past couple of weeks:

  • UVEditing of multiple mapping channels, one at a time.
  • Unwrap texture channel selection and option to pick only unwelded mesh edges for seams.
  • SymmetryTip option in Unwrap allows defining a desired symmetry plane

– Jussi –

Thx Jussi! Bug fixing all my support if you need me.


Bug fixing is a working features that we can actually use.

New Rhino Render in Rhino 7 WIP: New Render Engine in Rhino 7 WIP