Rhino 6 User Text - how to use?

Sorry to potentially be asking something very obvious here, but I think user texts have become rather unintuitive in Rhino 6.

^after the “v”, I want to add a date user text.

I can add this here …
… but how do I add it into my text?

Also btw the scroll bar here is broken. It will show if the “Text” panel doesn’t fit in, but doesn’t disappear if you switch to “Attribute user text” which is shorter (usually).

In Rhino 5 you could easily create “v%<date(“yyyy-MM-dd”)>%” which is then just added to the text field, and of course this still works in Rhino 6 if copy/pasted.

What is the intended way here in Rhino 6?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Duncan,

does this help:

So you need to select another object with user text,
you can press the fx button and follow from there also to add the date.

Does this make sense or am I missing something


Hi Duncan - Willem shows how you can insert user text that is stored on an object into a text string.
I’m not sure why you want to store the data on an object, though.
To just insert the date in a text string, you can do step 1 in Willem’s image, and then, for step 2, select Date in the Text Field list - 3 items down from where Willem set (2).

Apart from that, you should still be able to insert your code in a text string. Mind curly quotes, though (but that’s perhaps Discourse that is formatting that?).

Thanks guys,

for some reason I was thrown off by this button which I mistakenly thought had to be used:

Feeling extra dumb since I used the “Fx” button for years in Rhino 5 :smiley: