Rhino 6 upgrade change from mac to PC

Hi, I have rhino 5 for mac, I have just bought a PC and i need to transfer my licence from my mac to the PC. If I buy an upgrade to rhino 6, will I be able to just de-install rhino from my mac and install rhino 6 onto my new PC… ?

You do not need to de-install your Mac license. Simply install your V6 upgrade license in your Rhino account (which you can create online here if you don’t already have one) and validate it with your e-mail and your V5 for Mac license key.

At that point, you can install and run V6 on your PC, and also Rhino for Mac V6 when it comes out if you want. The Rhino for Mac V5 will also continue to work.


Will it be the same for the EDU versions? So upgrading from v5 Mac EDU to v6 Mac/PC EDU will be no problem an the v6 license for use on both platforms?

Should be fine. You are allowed to use the V5 on the Mac or V6 on the PC but not both simultaneously.