Rhino 6 edu licence from pc to mac

Hi everybody. I was thinking to buy Rhino 6 educational licence. I’ve a pc for now with windows 10 pro. But I’ll buy a Mac in next months. Can I use the same licence for the Mac ?

Eventually yes, when V6 for Mac is released.
Please contact the Sales office in your region for the details.

I’ll buy online.

Right but there are special details you need to know about before you purchase so you can make a good decision that fits your needs.

I’m sorry, I’m not familiar about that. like
what ?

I’m not going to go into Sales details here.
I’m tech support.
That’s why I asked you to call your Regional Sales to get the information.
The bottom line is EVENTUALLY, a V6 license key will work for both Windows and Mac.
Currently, V5 Mac requires a different license key.

Thank you.