Rhino 6 timeline

If you really want them to implement better OpenGl, you will need to use more exclamation points than that… :wink:


:laughing: LOL

No, I think there’s three too many!

Three too many?
Clearly we need to discuss this matter in more detail!

Not tried the WIP yet. However would love to see some sort of function to easily create stairs in Rhino that works out all the height if the risers would be a big time saver (so a change in floor level can quickly amend stair height) and would avoid having to use programs such as Rivet and importing. A selection of Doors and Windows could also be a bonus. Plus a method of attaching material data (i.e. BIM) to save time here as well. A layout sheet template for architectural drawings (i.e for A0, A1 & A2 sheets in the print options could also be handy.

Generally though would be good to keep the user interface as is as I find it very user freindly so would like to see this messed around with too much.

Rhino is a great product and personally would prefer to wait at least a couple of years or so to get proper updates. Would hate to see it go the way of Autocad with yearly updates that contain little and are annoying with changes they make.

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Much of this is avaiable in the VisualArq plug-in (paid)… For free “parametric stairs”, you could use Grasshopper. There are also some BIM plug-ins available on the Food4Rhino site…


Seriously… If you want to create simple stairs use architecture softwares like archicad… Why do you want to use rhino for everything? Tell me a pro cg artist or architect that yse only one software. We dont need doors and windows in rhino 6. This is not an architecture software!


Back on topic: any update on a v6 release date? Assuming Mac and Windows will be simultaneous releases?!

Didn’t you just say that it won’t happen this decade? Your guess is as good as anyone’s. The only facts are that it won’t be before it’s ready and that McNeel won’t give a date until existing users get an upgrade offer.

@wim no I didn’t state it wouldn’t be this decade, I was being slightly facetious based on the response to a bug report. I said ‘it could mean it won’t be this decade’. Theres quite a difference.

Given the earlier stated aim of major releases every 2 years, things are clearly not moving along at the pace they originally aimed. I think when there are some fairly significant problems with the current software that a sensible estimate as to when we might expect a fix would be reasonable.

We generally don’t like making promises that we can’t keep. We also strive to delight our users with each release. While we have some ideas about what that might take, sometimes we’re wrong - and then we need to keep working at it until it’s ready to release.

So there’s no release date to announce, and I don’t know when we’ll have a release date to announce.

Thanks for the update. There are a number of features that I’m really looking forward to, especially in terms of feature parity of Mac version with windows

I highly doubt that we will release V6 for Mac at the same time as V6 for Windows. Maybe V7, but we aren’t there yet for V6.

I’m very sorry to hear that. I was getting my hopes up (I do understand though)… Oh well…


Oct 1998 - Rhino version 1.0 released

Aug 2001 - Rhino 2.0 shipped

Nov 2002 - Rhino 3.0 released

Feb 2007 - Rhino 4.0 released

Oct 2012 - Rhino 5 for Windows released

… 2017 ?..

Yep, that’s indeed what it looks like… --Mitch

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rhino’s good for the price.
I don’t see anything close at this range…

I certainly cannot speak for all users out there, but as a user since V1 I find it hard to compare Rhino release schedule with any other modelling software providers.
An official V6 will be awesome but for us that use Rhino in a commercial sense stability is key.
How many forums out there are as responsive as this one? It can be in the space of minutes when a question is answered by someone in the dev. team etc.
As Toshiaki says, for the price, the support, the community, the quality of the software nothing compares.
I have been using since 1999 (Rhino that is… :)) and am still learning from this forum with tips/tricks and being exposed to the intricacies of the software.



There could be any enhancements on the ‘styles’ section for the viewports? Such as, pencil look like, black ink (nankin), watercolour etc

For a small firm and individuals nothing comes close to Rhino! Especially now when all the major CAD vendors are forcing users to subscription and RENTING ONLY!