Rhino 6 Sun Path Diagram!

Hello lovely Rhino Community,

I am wondering if there is a way to produce a clay rendered diagram with sun path in Rhino 6 ?

I am using Revit for a project and its super easy to produce the sun path diagram there but I really like the Default rendered quality of Rhino 6 and wondering if I can produce a sun path diagram (WITH shadows) ?

I found older videos on youtube from 2016 using Diva. Are there other ways besides Lady Bug for Grasshopper or Diva for Rhino ? Not even if Diva works for Rhino 6. I only used it once back in 2014

Hello - I do not know of any way to do this in plain Rhino - it may be possible with GH - I would ask the question on the Grasshopper forum.


Thank you. I just switched the post to be on the Grasshopper Forums !

Hi Mohanned -
A quick look on Food4Rhino finds these that might work for you in addition to Ladybug:

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Awesome mate ! thank you so much !