Snap Between in Rhino 6

(Dmal3dm) #1

Why not snap “between” in Rhinoceros 6? In Rhinoceros 5, snap “between” exist, if you press CTRL.

Snapping in Rhino 6.0 - Between

It’s still there, you need to press Shift now instead of CTRL.

(Dmal3dm) #3

Thank you very much. Previously, it was convenient to press Ctrl. Habit.

(Wendt) #4

I can´t find it, too. In my case the switch between the normal and special Osnaps is still on crtl
and i am using Rhino6 for Windows.


(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Oli - there are, or should be, ‘specials’ on both Ctrl and Shift…


(Wendt) #6

Sorry but i still miss the between.
I have here From, PerpFrom, TanFrom, AlongP, AlongL, OnCrv, OnSrf, OnSrfPt, OnMesh, POnCrv, POnSrf,
POnPSrf, POnMesh


(Pascal Golay) #7

Hi Oli - Ctrl down shows these, but Shift key down shows others:


Some ‘one-shots’ for the standard snaps and a couple of ‘specials’.


(Wendt) #8

Okay now if got it. the switch is only changing the last two item. I ve overlooked it.