Snap Between in Rhino 6

Why not snap “between” in Rhinoceros 6? In Rhinoceros 5, snap “between” exist, if you press CTRL.

It’s still there, you need to press Shift now instead of CTRL.

Thank you very much. Previously, it was convenient to press Ctrl. Habit.

I can´t find it, too. In my case the switch between the normal and special Osnaps is still on crtl
and i am using Rhino6 for Windows.


Hi Oli - there are, or should be, ‘specials’ on both Ctrl and Shift…


Sorry but i still miss the between.
I have here From, PerpFrom, TanFrom, AlongP, AlongL, OnCrv, OnSrf, OnSrfPt, OnMesh, POnCrv, POnSrf,
POnPSrf, POnMesh


Hi Oli - Ctrl down shows these, but Shift key down shows others:


Some ‘one-shots’ for the standard snaps and a couple of ‘specials’.


Okay now if got it. the switch is only changing the last two item. I ve overlooked it.