Rhino 6 should show more Class A behavior

Hi all,

certain happennings in past days show us again that certain features should be contained directly in the Rhino core, not relying on third-party plugin makers. I would like to open discussion about introducing more Class-A features in Rhino 6.

When I teach Rhino courses I always stress the importance of working with simplest curves and surfaces possible. Call it Class-A or just aesthetic, clean and elegant modeling, in fact it´s basically the same. If you don´t work in automotive industry, you really don´t want all blends to be G3 but you also don´t want to introduce many problems and imprecisions by using dense curves, surfaces and edges.

I am not talking about mega-giga-100sided multiblends or stuff like that. We need much more basic stuff. For example Rhino has problems with complexity of trimmed edges. Trimming Class-A surface with Class-A curve creates edges with too many spans - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hZPUhBkyLs. When you make blend between those edges, you´ll get dense blends in contrast to simple input surfaces. We need something like “Simple sweep” option in other commands, too.

Number of curve/edge/surface spans should be a part of basic object info. We should be able to rebuild edges also from span point of view. There should be also more advanced control point modeling. Diaplaying of min/max eddge deviations would be also nice, as well as possibility to check and evaluate G0/G1/G2/G3 continuities of all object edges at once.

I am sure that practical users from automotive or product design field will add more similar stuff that is needed in Rhino. Please add your thoughts how to make Rhino 6 ideal tool for simple and clean modeling.



Hi Jan- thanks for the feedback, any specific examples you can post or send me (pascal@mcneel.com) would be great. I’ll pass this on to the developers in any case.


Yes yes yes! I agree totally with you.
I asked similar request long time ago, maybe this is the right one.

Direct control of the degree and CVs would be a great improvement.


Yes, please! I would also like to have all the stuff you asked for!!!
Thanks :smiley:


wasnt this allready adressed in the v6 wishlist, eitherway, i agree, that stuff is too important, especially since vsr is almost not an option now (as i think autodesk will charge way too much and keep all the good stuff to themselves)

Id like to point out that as a designer, i love rhino BUT, i really think that we have so much tools, but still not enough controls over the surface, theres a workaround for too many things if you ask me,…

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