Class A surface tools

Rhino has some really great modeling and surfacing tools but there is very little feedback on matching and blends. VSR, now Autodesk, had a really good start at providing some edge analysis tools and continuity tools, similar to IcemSurf and Alias.

Is there any development on V6 to support these features? It would give Rhino a lot more credibility…


It’s just my personal thought.

For V6, I don’t think it’s possible implementing those tools. Let’s say what VSR has been developed so far.

We can easily predict that the V6 focus is not Class-A surface modeling tool. The Sub-D project, optimizing Make2D and other features seem to be more imminent.

I agree with part…

Sub-D is a must, an absolute. I’d love to see Open SubDiv rolled into it as well. A unified standard for Sub-D would be worth it’s weight in gold.

Optimizing Make 2D may be important, but it is a single feature, a single tool. It works now and optimization make it better but it exists.

I’m just looking for a tool or method to confirm or qualify surface tangency and continuity along edges. But if all the effort to V6 went into making awesome Sub-D, I would be content.

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