Rhino 6 selections


I’m having problems with shift - selecting a set of surfaces in Rhino 6.
While I hold shift down, and click subsequent surfaces (or any object) some get added, while at some point, some previous get unselected. Sometimes the entire set gets unelected.
Quite annoying…


Can you post a 3dm and describe your workflow for selecting multiple surfaces while holding Shift? For instance, are you dragging a fence selection or left clicking while holding Shift? Holding Shift down should only allow adding to the selection so I want to take a look at your file and know the specific steps you’re going through before guessing more.

I just hold shift while right-clicking on the objects. that’s all really. It happens from time to time.

As soon as it happens again, I will get back to you. Before that, I will check again by using the laptop keyboard to do the same. Right now, I work with a wireless keyboard. Although I must add that I don’t have other issues with the keyboard malfunctioning.

I think you mean left clicking with Shift held. I’m wondering if this might be connected to the other display issue of the panels that you’re experiencing too. Let me know if you find a Windows update helps.

yep, sorry, left click…