Rhino 6 Rendered display mode not printing to PDF


I just updated to Rhino 6 on my 2018 imac. I’ve found that when I go to Print, all my viewports on my layout sheet are blank. I’ve documented in the layout sheet over the top of my model viewports. I can still see the documenting on the sheet view but the viewport is empty. The model is a 3d scan of an object. So therefore it is a mesh (but even if i drop a polysurface box in there, that doesn’t show up either). When I change the viewport to wiremode, ghosted and shaded, I can see the object. but I can’t see the object in Rendered mode. Whats up with that?

My mac info says ‘Graphics: Radeon Pro 575 4 GB’

I’ve attached a screenshot of what the rhino sheet looks like, and a screenshot of the blank output to PDF.

Do you see the images in the print preview?
If not, try switching the print to Raster.
I suspect you’re in a Vector print.

I can’t see it in Print Preview in either Raster or Vector. I’ve tried restarting rhino, and I’ve restarted my computer and my Render Development Kit is enabled. So its not any of these things either…

Please send us the file and images (if they aren’t embedded), and any specific print settings you’re using.
Is this Mac V5 or V6?
What macOS are you running?

Please include the URL of this post so we can link up the file with the notes.


The file i’m working in is under a NDA so I’ve sent another file, and just replicated the problem for you.

So, I’ve figured out something. I’ve SetObjectDisplayMode to the mesh in question b/c I only want the mesh in Rendered mode, and everything else in Wire Mesh. When I set the whole viewport to Rendered, it prints. But doesn’t print when it’s just the specific object set to Rendered.

Attached is a screenshot of my print preview page in raster and vector.

I’m using Mac OS Mojave v10.14.6
And its Rhino 6 for Mac.


3d mesh scan.3dm (13.4 MB)