Rhino 6 Mirror Material?

Trying to render (with native renderer) a simple true mirror material. However, even setting reflectivity to 100% results in a foggy, grainy material. Is there any way to get true reflectivity in rhino, or are you forced to use something like Vray?

Hello - that seems to work here in both V6 and 7 - can you post your example file?

MirrorMat.3dm (141.3 KB)


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Here you go, thanks for helping!
2021.03.04_3D Model.3dm (2.9 MB)

I’m not entirely sure what I changed, but I reset my settings to match the material you uploaded, so got it, now! Do you know the specific reason I wasn’t getting mine to work?

Hello Pascal,
do you have this mirror material also for V5? I’m still working with version 5.5.5. (5F96) on Mac.
Thank you.

The old Rhino renderer isn’t a raytracer, it doesn’t do actual reflections.

Thanks for your quick response, Jim.
Just to be sure: With V7 for Mac it would work?

Hi Tonia -

What “works” or “doesn’t work” is very subjective. You should download the Rhino 7 evaluation and see if it works for you.

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Hi @Pascal, I just tried your MirrorMat.3dm file in V7 and I don’t see anything mirrored, just a gradient. Any idea why this doesn’t work?


hello sam . Do you now know how to make a mirror texture in rhino 7 render?