Bug with ExtendSrf command in Rhino 6?

Hello !

I’m working on a project who was made in Solidworks initially.
I have to explode some surfaces to modify the shape.

In Rhino 6, when I try to extend the surface (in attachement) I can’t select 2 borders.
In Rhino 5, I can.

Is anybody know what is the problem ?
I have tried on differents computers, it’s the same result. And not only with this surface (but similar, made in Solidworks)

Thank you !

PS : May I will have a surprise if I’ve found a bug in Rhino /D

test.3dm (62.1 KB)

Contact, you might see if the surface edge needs untrimming first, then extend it. —-Mark

Hello - yeah, I think we’ve run into this before where the edge next to a singular edge does not extend.



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