STEP import in Rhino 6 is different (bugged/worse)


I’m having issues with STEP import in Rhino 6. We jumped on the Rhino6 immediately because of the 100-fold display improvement which makes handle large assemblies a breeze. However, I start to notice now that something is not right with the way STEP files are imported.

What in Rhino 5 comes in as 1 block instance (the top level assembly) will in this particular case, in Rhino 6 give me 2 block instances. But the worst thing is that some instances are not in their right positions. See this image for example:

Rhino 5 import the assembly correct as 1 block instance:

Rhino 6 Imports two block instances, where one of them is stuck in it’s defition in origo, and not placed correctly nor to position or number of instances.

Please advice, we depend heavily on the STEP import.

8_5740017030_fire_suppr_w1805.stp (855.4 KB)

Hi @bjornsyse,

Yes, I see the same. I created a YouTrack item:


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Hi. Is this fixed in 6.2?

Hi @bjornsyse,

According to the YouTrack item, yes! Please try it out.