Rhino 6 for Mac Grasshopper Can't edit Keyboard Shortcuts


I have found a bug in Grasshopper for Rhino 6 for Mac. It is related to assigning shortcuts. The shortcut tool actually doesn’t work. The only way to assign or return to default is to edit the text document outside of grasshopper.

I have attached a video of the glitch in the Grasshopper software. As you can see in the video if I assignment the backspace(back) key on mac to delete every time I try and confirm this it just resets it to empty. Originally I had set it up to be the delete key on the larger numeric keypad from apple. (even though the back key in the software is also the delete key on the MacBook). If i set it to the delete key on the apple keyboard with numeric pad then when i am using my laptop on the go I have to change it back to the ‘back’ key as even though physically they are called the same thing the software sees them as different keys. Maybe if you could integrate them or even allow using multiple keys as shortcuts so i can use both keys to delete that would be awesome.

At the moment due to this error I have to go edit then delete every time I want to delete anything in Grasshopper.

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Thanks for the report, I filed it as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-56103

Hi James,

I spoke with the developer and found out some more info as well as the fix for what you’re seeing on Mac. These interface shortcuts are limited to key combos using Cmd or Shift or Fn keys but since Delete and Backspace share a key on the Mac keyboard and since Backspace has a hard coded meaning already it can’t be used again if you have changed the default shortcut here already. I’m going to see if we can restore defaults better in this case but here’s the temporary solution…

From the Grasshopper menu > Special folders > Open the Settings folder > Close all Rhinos > back in the settings folder, find the grasshopper_menushortcuts.xml file > Delete this file > Restart Rhino and launch GH. At this point Delete/Backspace should work again.

Any luck?

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for this! Yep it worked in resetting back to default. Yeah silly that Apple have not been consistent in the naming of this key. Only just noticed when playing around with the shortcuts!

Thanks again for your help!