Rhino 6 export to sketchup materials

Working in rhino and need to export the file to sketchup to send to someone. When exporting to a .skp I’ve found that if I have a material assigned to say 100 objects, in rhino it only shows up on 1 of those objects in sketchup, the rest are given a default material. I’ve tried assigning the material by layer and object and it seems to be the case with even simple colors not just bitmaps. Exporting to a .3ds or .dwg work for materials but turns even simple boxes into complex meshes which aren’t very workable in that program. Is there a way to preserve materials while exporting to .skp?

Hello - I see that… I’ll get it on the list. Thanks for the report - though, I’m not sure if that is fixable at our end or not…



I am having the same exact problem. The Rhino to Sketchup workflow so essential in my office and we need materials to be preserved on transfer but all but one similar objects end up in Sketchup with default material. The Rhino 6 Sketchup export has been a great improvement in that it now preservers both layers and vectors. Hopefully the material preservation issue can be fixed.


Matt Winkelstein

Same. The workaround that I’m using at the moment is to export a .3ds file from rhino to sketchup and then using the cleanup3 plugin for sketchup on the import. Its alright because the materials transfer and everything becomes a component so the model isn’t sticky. Plus the cleanup plugin makes all the geometry easy to edit in sketchup. The downside is the .3ds doesn’t maintain layers or named views/snapshots (I can’t get anything to transfer to sketchup scenes so if you’ve figured that out let me know) but it’s the best workflow I’ve found so far. I feel like it’s so close to being seamless but its not quite there yet

Good luck!

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Actually, it seems that the Rhino 6 to Sketchup 2017 export preserves materials on multiple objects. Problem seems to be with Rhino 6 to Sketchup 2018.

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Good find. It looks like exporting to a down-saved version of sketchup works but its only when you have your rhino materials assigned by layer. Materials assigned by object are having the same problem even in a down-saved version

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