Exporting material maps to sketchup

I am trying to export a model to sketchup by saving as skp. I have layers on the rhino model that each relate to a material I build in rhino, by applying a jpg map to it. I often change the tiling by duplicating the image several times until it looks good in the rendered viewport. Trouble is when I open thee sketchup file, the original map seems to have reset and show as one, not the duplicated or changed map.
Is there any way to change this?
Many thanks

I don’t think we are exporting images as part of SKP export.
Do I have that right @tim?

We do export the images but we don’t export the fancy texture coordinates. We use the default texture coordinates that are on the render meshes. We create render meshes on the fly if they don’t already exist. We use the render meshes so we can convert instance definitions in Rhino to SketchUp components.