Rhino 6 Enscape crash

Hi All

I am experiencing crashes when moving objects using gumball while I run Enscape.

And Rhino just tends to run slow / load when moving objects with gumball.

Does anyone know what might be my issue here?


Hi Oliver - If those crashes only occur when Enscape is loaded, please contact support at Enscape.

I have been in contact Enscape support for several months now but unfortunately, we can’t seem to find the solution. That’s why I try here.

Hei Oliver -

Can you reproduce the crash when Enscape is disabled? If not, it’s unlikely that we can do anything about this.

I checked your account for crash reports but couldn’t find any recent ones. Please always send in crash reports with your eMail address and a brief description of what you were doing when Rhino crashed. If nothing else, it might give us something to share with the 3rd party developer.

Finally, would you be able to test your workflow on Rhino 7? At this point, development on Rhino 6 has stopped and unless we find a crash bug that affects a lot of users, it’s unlikely that a new Service Release will be issued.

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