Rhino 6: Decals not showing for metals

Hi, I’m new to Rhino. I added decals on metal/glass/gem, but they are not showing. It shows on other materials. May I know if this is a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Windows 10, SR13 & 14. 200px png file.

You are doing nothing wrong. This is currently working as it is intended by the developer, although it isn’t for all very intuitive.

I think it is slated for v7 to fix (change).

Hello - the problem is the decal gets the same surface characteristics as the underlying material - in this case the reflection and I guess the reflection color. If you were to turn down the reflection on the metal, you’d start to see the decal. The same problem occurs with transparent materials.


Noted, thanks!

@pascal Ah ok, managed to see the effect for transparent materials. However it doesn’t show for non-reflective metals. Thanks, will wait for the v7 as Nathan mentioned.