Rhino 6 and GeForce GT 740?

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for a new video card for Rhino 6 since my card seems to be too old for the new display of Rhino 6. I’m considering a GeForce GT 740 2GB. Here some details:

  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 GPU
  • 2048MB GDDR5 memory
  • Core Clock: 1072MHz (Standard- 993MHz)
  • OpenGL versie 4.4

I know, 2GB is not top notch but would this be eough to run Rhino 6 without the display switching constantly to BBdisplay on a view change?

thanks, Tobias

Hi Tobias,

this is an office graphics card from 2014. It should work, but I wonder why you don’t spend more money for your daily CAD-hardware.

My 2 cents


I’ve got a 790 in my pc and it feels like it really struggles with some of the view modes in rhino 6

My experience with a GeForce card was good with Rhino 5 but abysmal with Rhino 6. Spend the dough and get a Quadro card and save yourself a lot of agita!

I have a 780ti, which has been working surprisingly well in V6.


I thought we were able to get you set up so BBox display didn’t kick in. Was I mistaken?

That is my GPU right now and I can’t wait to change it for something stronger. For small models it is ok. Pretty stable - rarely causing problems below 50 mb models.

Thanks everyone! Very helpful and good answers! Especially Tomek. Thanks for sharing your experience with that card.
And thanks Sam for the tip with the 780ti. That might be a good alternative…

gr, Tobias

Hi Steve, it’s still happening. Actually it’s not a bbox display… it happens in shaded views and they switches to wireframe while zooming / rotating. The Dynamic redraw “Frames per second” setting makes no difference. I don’t see any changes in the behavior. I tried 0.01, 0, 10, 25… no difference.

When I start Rhino and open a model I can work normal for some time… like 10 min maybe. Then suddenly it starts switching to wireframe. And from that moment on it stays like that. Then it’ll always switch with the slightest movement.

The size of the model does matter somehow. With smaller models it takes longer till the switch kicks in. It has to do with the model, not with the Rhino instance. Means, if I open a big model it’ll switch quickly to wireframe. If I open then another model in the same Rhino instance it’s back to normal till it starts again.

Interesting… if I have assigned a shaded display mode to some objects this objects will never change to wireframe.

I hope I could make it a bit clear what I am experiencing

This sounds like a bug that we can probably fix. @jeff did all of the view degradation work and would be interested in trying to reproduce what you are seeing (not this week though since he’s on vacation :slight_smile: )

Yeah, sounds like a bug for me too. I actually wonder if it’s really related to my old video card. You could try to get such a card. They are very cheap 2nd hand. I payed 30 euro for mine and worked the last years with it in Rhino 5 without any problems.

I highly doubt it is related to the video card itself. Our degradation algorithm isn’t card specific; it merely looks at how long it took to draw frames and makes decisions based on that.

What you can do is to put a “new” HDD in the machine and reinstall Windows from scratch and then Rhino just to see if it is the hardware or Windows it self that is sluggish. My home workstation crashed after one of many updates (it was a windows10 upgrade on top of a windows8 installation) so I reinstalled and it became more responsive and less laggy overall after that. So if you are like me then you probably have an old HDD collecting dust that can be formatted and used just to test. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two to test it out.
(my laptop has a 750m and it works surprisingly well)

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Yeah… I do have a hdd collecting dust. I could try what you suggest. Trouble is to find time doing that.
Btw, I am on Windows 7…

Time is money, so save the time and waste some money on a new card instead :wink:

Actually, probably better to move to an SSD. HDDs can be so slow that it also can affect performance…

I’ll second this. A very important step if you have a slow win10 machine

Got myself a GTX 1060 6GB. Now I see the difference with the display speed in Rhino 6.
Also the switch to wireframe is gone.

I am running an old Athlon four-core and an Nvidia 1050ti 4gb card, still rocks on version 6. Bought it for less than $100 when is was superseded. I have a few large files with lots of surfaces and such and I do not see the need to update yet. With the old 720 2gb card, there were lags and when zooming in with version 5 and with six was downright painful, lines would disappear and I would have to zoom back out just to see what I was working on or to select a point. Not with the 1050ti card, and it is faster and better in display than the 720 by an order of magnitude. Version 6 made it even better - was going to upgrade but not now. Thanks Rhino coders!

Just my two cents.

I have this same exact issue with my GeForce GTX 965M/PCIe/SSE2 (OpenGL ver:4.6.0 NVIDIA 388.08)