Rhino 5 (Matrix 8.0) - Rotation Values Show 0


We are working on 3D printers for jewelry market and working with Matrix 8.0 which is based on Rhinoceros. Our main problem is; we are designing our rings and also adding supports for 3D printers on Matrix. But when we changed something on that rings design and want to use same supports, we need to know that rings exact coordinates. Seems like X,Y,Z coordinates in _Properties Box Edit showing objects real values but not rotation degree. We need to monitor these values to copy exact coordinates so no need to re-support the ring design.

In short we need to monitor objects rotated degrees. Or we need exact same designs to get in same position & degree and for that we need to know objects coordinates to enter values other object.


Hello - the only way that I know of to get the transformation of objects compared to some base location and orientation is to use blocks - these carry transformation information. For ‘normal’ objects you’ll need to measure some axes on the object and compare to the world axes (presumably). So, in Rhino, if you Insert your ring design to a model as a linked block and then move and orient it into place, you can modify the original file and the block will update accordingly. I’m not sure if that addresses the problem you’re trying to solve…