Rhino 5 installation denied on new computer

Hi there,

a client of mine has installed his Rhino 5 in multiple computers (let’s say “office”, “home”, “laptop”, “cnc-machine” and “office 2”). 4 of them are on the same network, but he isn’t using them simultaneously.

His office computer was lagging and he’ll get a hardware upgrade soon. Trying to install it on another computer to figure out whether it’s a local problem or not, he got a warning message from Mc Neel, that he exceeded the number of Rhino activations.

My (and his) question is: Is there a way to de-activate one of the pre-existing installations and re-install it on a brand new computer?

Thanx in advance

  • Dimitris

He’ll need to contact sales@mcneel.com to have them give him a few more activations.

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Thanks Mitch, I’ll make a contact tomorrow.