Rhino 5: How to map art onto a virtual DVD box?

(Rhino 5, Flamingo, Windows 10)

Hello, would anyone know if it is possible to map artwork onto a DVD box I drew in Rhino 5? So I created the flat artwork (front, spine, backside) in Photoshop onto one JPG file, and while I can place the “decal” onto the box in planar fashion, I have no clue how to wrap the art completely around the required three sides (front, spine, back) of the DVD box.

I’m currently using the Flamingo interface to place the decal artwork.

Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks-

Hi Hal9000

You can draw the actual leaflet and apply a material with the image as texture to that:


Thanks Willem for the suggestion. But I cannot seem to get it to place the artwork at the proper place. I will keep trying!

Kind regards-