Rhino 5, forgotten deleted lineTypes?

Hello forum,
I deleted all linetypes of a document, then defined a new one, then saved it, then quit Rhino, then run Rhino and load the same document.

The list of linetypes now includes my new one, but also all the linetypes I deleted. Any idea of why?

Thanks. L

Hi Livio- yeah, this is a little weird- you cannot really delete the defaults permanently, they coe back automatically- We should make that clearer in the UI- not enable the Delete button for these, something like that.


thanks. I then tried a workaround, but I’ve got a bizarre result. The following C# code (specific for the Italian version of Rhino) deletes all linetypes but the continuous.

RhUtil.RhinoApp().RunScript("-_DocumentProperties t e “Bordo” e “Centro” e “Nascosto” e “Punti di annotazione” e “Tratteggiato” e “TrattinoPunto” INVIO INVIO");

By itself it works, but when I integrate it into my specific start-up code, which is called at Rhino start-up and which first of all opens a default document and then tries to customize the linetypes, it fails.

It looks like if Rhino is restoring the line database in parallel during my startup plugin. Is it possible?

Thanks. L