Rhino 5 for Mac Build 5A723

There is a new Mac Work In Progress (WIP) build available.

This Mac release includes all applicable updates and fixes from Rhino for Windows V5 SR10.

This Mac WIP release also includes these Mac-specific changes:

Lots of big changes in this WIP release.

  • Changes
    • Rhino Render has been replaced. The previous version was based on the Windows V4 Rhino Render engine. This replacement is based on the Windows V5 version and has a number of improvements.
      • There are more options in File > Settings > Rhino Render including using HDR images for backgrounds.
      • Rhino Render has a material editor and browser. Select Render > Materials in the application menu to apply and edit materials in your model. Use drag and drop for applying materials, and check the context menu of a material to see what is possible.
      • This render engine is compatible with (but not identical to) the Windows V5 Rhino Render engine.
    • The Toucan renderer is going away. It will not be available in the commercial release of Mac Rhino and will be eventually removed from the WIP versions of Mac Rhino. Toucan is not compatible with current renderers on Windows Rhino and is not compatible with future McNeel plans for renderers in Rhino. Use the new version of Rhino Render for compatibility with present and future versions of Rhino.
    • Toucan dialogs are now tagged as Obsolete as a reminder.
    • The Object properties panel has been updated. Object Properties now uses a stack of panels rather than tabbed panels.
    • Font selection has been improved. You can now select and use any font available on your Mac. Rhino will also attempt to preserve font compatibility with Windows Rhino as well as possible.
  • Fixes
    • Lots and lots of language localization work.
    • Crashes have been fixed.

We typically release a new Work In Progress version every Tuesday.

This Mac WIP release requires license validation. License validation verifies that the license you are running was issued by McNeel. Rhino will automatically prompt you to validate your license when it starts. If you experience problems with license validation, please post them at http://discourse.mcneel.com.

If Rhino is crashing when opening or saving models and you have DropBox installed, please upgrade OS X Yosemite to the latest version. There is a bug in the initial distribution of OS X Yosemite that causes this crash.

Please report any problems you find in the Rhino for Mac support forum.

Rhino for Mac now requires a license key and license validation.

Requires latest version of OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), OS X Mavericks (10.9), or OS X Yosemite (10.10).

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