Rhino 5 file opened in Rhino 6 crashes after trying to open layout tab

I’ve recently installed rhino 6. When i opened a file created in rhino 5 there is a missing image file warning. I’m not sure what to do with the warning. The rhino 5 file opens but when i go to open one of the layout tabs from my rhino 5 file Rhino 6 wants to shut down.

Can you share your file so we can try to repeat this?

HI Steve,

Thanks for taking a look at this! I’ll share a rhino 5 file that i’ve tried to open.

Cheers, David

HI Steve,

Sorry for my ignorance but how do i share a file through this forum?

Thanks, DAvid

In a reply click on the icon with upward arrow from a block. Dragging your file onto that reply text area should also work.

If you want to rather share privately you can use rhino3d.com/upload - make sure to copy the URL to this discussion in the comments section so that the file will find its way to the correct developer.

SOMA Drawing Template Feb 22 18.3dm (1.2 MB)
Thanks all, Steve please see attached and let me know if you have any questions., David

I can repeat the bug, thanks! I’m investigating right now

This crash bug is fixed and the fix will be in Rhino 6.2.

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Sweet! Of course my next question is when does V6.2 come out? Only because i’m trying to migrate to V6 from v5 and all my files are as per the sample you were able to debug. Thanks Dale

It is actually planned for tomorrow if all goes well.

Thanks again!!

HI Steve,

Thanks again in advance! Just checking in to see if you have an update as to when the V6.2 is coming out? Cheers, David

V6.2 has been out since Tuesday, 5 March 2018.

HI David, I’ve opened my Rhino 6 and checked for updates and funny enough it just showed up. I must not have noticed. However, i’ve hit the install update notice that comes up just after rhino closes but it doesn’t seem to install as i now keep getting the notification that there is an update everytime i open rhino 6. Is there something i should be doing other than hitting yes for the update to install? thanks!