Dup edge dashed line

All of a sudden the lines that are created when I duplicate edge are dashed. Why? and how do I set it back to creating continuous lines?

Hi slam, have you accidentally set your Layers Linetype to dashed in the Layer tab (dialog). ? If you right click on the word “Name” you can enable “Linetype” then check if it is set to “Continuous” or “Dashed”.


thanks for the reply clement. that’s not it, but since i posted the original message i’ve discovered that it was only happening when i duplicated the edges of a certain object, and that when i duplicate any edges of other objects, it’s normal. so it’s still a mystery, but at least it doesn’t get in the way of my work! now it’s just a curiosity…

Is it possible for you to post that object? We might be able to figure out what the problem is.

Sarah, can you post that object in a 3dm file or send it to tech@mcneel.com?



Hi all,
As I was about to post the offending object per your requests, I noticed that the object (the closed polysurface resulting in the dashed duplicated edges) itself was set to have a dashed linetype, so I guess that explains it! Thanks for all your help!

Strange, i´ve tried that first and found that i cannot repeat it over here with polysurfaces and extrusions the Linetype setting is not transferred to duplicated curves. Glad the issue is resolved, though.


dashed object.3dm (375.1 KB)

did that work? i’ve never tried posting a rhino file before…

Hi Sarah- yep, that worked, thanks- checking it now.

Hmm- can’t make it happen yet here- Duped edges have linetype assigned by layer…


hmmm. that is strange…

Hi Pascal,

Sub-selecting the edge and a "_Copy Inplace " does get a dashed line.
And a copy-drag with gumball on the edges also gets them dashed.

@slam Sarah, how did you duplicate the edge?


I can repeat Sarah`s problem if i sub-select the edge like Willem demonstrated followed by “Copy Inplace” or “Copy”. Just wondering why it is possible to apply a Linetype to non curve objects (including points) if the outcome using LinetypeDisplay is not visible at all ?