Rhino command list with syntax for macros

I’d like to know if there is some resource where I can find a command list with the syntax for each command. For example not only the command name, i.e. _loft , but also the internal options, in order to manage a macro.

Thank you.

The Help file.

Type the command, then hit F1 to find more info. See also MacroEditor for developing macros.


Hi Pascal, thank you. I tried, but inside the help window you can’t find the syntax of the command, just a general explanation.

My solution was to write the command with the - before (for example -_loft) and read the command line options, but since I have Rhino in italian language I can just see italian options.

This is what I see:

Do you not get these details in Italian in the help?


Yes I can see it. I don’t know where but I remember that sometime ago I saw the explicit command line in the help. Maybe I’m searching something that does not exist :smiley:
Anyway it’s enough for my aim. Thank you!