Rhino5 64bit version crash on bootcamp

HI All,

i have problems with the 64bit version of Rhino5. It is currently running on an Mac BookPro via Bootcamp.
When opening rhino 64bit version it always freezes. On the other hand is the 32 bit version working probably.
Does anybody had the problem before? How can i fix it. Reinstall didnt help.

thanks and best,

Hi Simon - one thing to check is the date on your video card driver - make sure you have the latest driver - I’d go to the website (like Nvidia, Intel, or AMD) and not rely on Windows do be correct about whether you have the latest.

Another thing to check is, does Rhino 64 bit open correctly in safe mode? I suspect it will - if so, then, assuming the drivers are up to date, we can look at what plug-ins you may have running - are there any that are not default ones? A renderer or CAM product for example?


thanks for the fast answer.
Driver for the Graphics Card are not the problem, are the latest ones.
I can open it in safe mode and it will work. Plug ins i have just vray 3.
Tried also to reinstall it or even uninstall it and its not working except safe mode.
Ones i had RhinoCam installed and thought its becaus of this but unistalled it.