Rhino 3d model converted to dxf

I use an older version of Rhino.
I just made a quick part to check if I could use the Dxf conversion to go directly to my CNC control (my control accept DXF file).
Looks like the CNC control could not define a thickness for the part to be able to import it/nest it.
Can anyone explain to me how should I convert the file to have a correct result for the CNC, and to imported into a CAD program?
Thank you

When you export to DXF try the CAM Metric (mm) or CAM Imperial (in) export format as a starting point. You may need to tweak the export settings a bit to suit your particular needs but they should get you close.

hello john, I’m using rhino 3, I’m not sure I have that option for the conversion. i’ll keep trying to tweak the model and see. thank you