Update the Rhino Logo

Time for an Update to the Rhino Logo:

One of the best 3D application Companies (McNeel) that produces an ever-expanding feature set for its front line product “Rhino 3D”. Who pride themselves on accuracy and realistic construction and rendering of buildings, automobiles, rings, boats, airplanes… and the list goes on to cover most things. With the addition of SubD, faces and people should soon make that list.

OIP rhinoceros-skeleton

Unfortunately, McNeel has an inaccurate and unrealistic cartoon for a logo to represent Rhino. It does not even come close to the skeleton of a rhinoceros. The horn is not made of bone but is made of keratin (the same material as your fingernails and hair). The shapes behind the head do not illustrate a Rhino, nor do they come close to the real living animal or its skelton.

Coming at You

I would suggest a new logo for version 7 or 8. A realistic Logo image, created and rendered in Rhino. With a more aggressive stance, “Comming at you” (full force).

Including the bird in the Rhinos ear…

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I might add, that having an appealing visual representation of your product as a logo or logotype, can have a considerable affect on your bottom line. Not only will your product sell better, but the sale of merchandise (tshirts, mouse pads, and coffee cups etc.) will improve.

Undertaking this correctly can make a 5% to 15% difference in sales! and some companies have done better than that (Apple is a good example).

It also would signal to the perspective buyer that there is change and renewed interest in your product because of advancements like SubD.

Wishing you every success!

This is close to what I had envisioned for the updated logo.

The realistic modeling of a Rhinocerous that has a graduated blend to its actual construction (Which should be in SubD) The workflow is Mesh to SubD to NURBS.
I chose to shorten the name as the shorter form is part of the searchable web address, and is more commonly used.


  1. It is rendered in 2 colors
  2. There is a 30% drop shadow to give is a light lift off the surface
  3. The Rhino has his head down most of the time (eating) this pose is with the head up (you are on his radar).
  4. The typeface is Hattenschweiler
  5. The model came from the Lightbox Library on Zbrush.

Please feel free to comment, I am thick skinned!


I like the original Logo! It is an abstraction and construction- for this is the way how constructive and creative works starts! The logo fits 100percent


For me personally it looks line logodesign from the early 2000 who everybody wants to make fancy 3d stuff. And tried to abstract it but stay too strong in the love to the personal model to get a simple straight and strong logo.
Rhino is an construction Porgramm abd there are many ways to design such trying as a Rhino itselfs your logo shows just one of it- you are right it is total to the direction if zBrush - for me personally it is the total wrong direction for such a big tool(kit) - from 3d scribbling to precise construction work. I have to be visual strong and special for the capacities- for me the actual logo firs perfects - sorry for you to hear this bit this is just my personal opinion

This is the best Rhino logo ever.
I wish it could be the default icon as well.


To HugoIII and adXok; McNeel the Company that produces Rhino, and Grasshopper etc. These applications help designers, architects and engineers develop, construct and fabricate real world objects that we use and live in. The reality of surface, color, texture, light and shadow make up a large part of the images that are created with these wonderful tools from McNeel. My argument is that realistic imagery is a large part of the finished renderings produced with “Rhino3D” and that the logo should reflect this as it is a large part of the initial visual that represents this product to new and prospective clients.

The current Rhino Logo has been with us for a while, but it is not based in reality, that is to say there is no Rhinocerous that looks like this logo, with rectangular eyes and ears (the objects behind the head) are the same size as the head. It is cute but not based in reality. It is a Cartoon of a Rhinocerous (and a poor one at that).

Hmmm I am not with you at the point that a logo this kind must have a relation to the reality. The best end timeless logos are not in this kind of relationship.
Lufthansa, Apple, linux, Firefox, Playboy, Mustang etc.
Maybe have a look at Otl Aicher - A famous german designer. The Typo also have to fit to the company … Serifs no serifs… effects like shadows or not… But for me minimalism and good kind of abstraction is often the best way to create a logo who everybody remembers. Straight and strong

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oh, and that drop shadow is so late '90s early 2000s; or reflections for that matter
fancy gradients as well, if not done properly they tend to have band (as your image has banding, MrPelican)
there are some techniques to avoid or remove banding but the best is… get rid of the fancy gradients.

  • I removed the reflection (which is originaly in the logo) for the Rhino image I uploaded above
  • Also I think the “eye” of the rhino need a bit more simplification and roundness, but not a big deal

HugoIII - several of the logos you mention have direct connections to living things. The “apple” and the “mustang” (a horse breed) and both had a more simplified representation as logos of the same, and both were accurate in their representations as logos.

The Rhinoceros I created is also true to the animal it represents (unlike the current logo), but I agree it should be conceived with less detail… a simpler image.

To AdXok, here is the same without dropshadows.


Here are two more variations for a updated Rhino Logo. The first one is generated using the new QuadRemesh tool, and the second is a generated contour of the head, with those contours then transformed into surfaces.

FWIW I would NOT want to look at this guy every day!


This image is very beautiful! In my opinion it should represent the new logo (Rhino 7) to better adapt to the design of windows 10 style icons as well.

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