Rhi installer for grasshopper plugins

On april 19 2013 @DavidRutten was mentioning

We’re still working on making it possible to install a GHA without an RHP using *.rhi, hopefully more news on that soon.

If you can get away with not using some heavy-weight installer package like Wise or MSI, we recommend switching to RHI.

I’ve been trying to package a grasshopper only plugin VoxelTools-1.0.14.rhi, this did not seem to work with the error message:

I could not find any follow up from McNeel, other than David’s message, so possibly this error means that grasshopper only is not yet possible.

Has there been any follow up, or is the development *.(mac)rhi system abandoned in favor of yak?

I would say Yak is the way forward. In Rhino 7 we are trying to bring the Mac version up to the same standard as the Windows version. If course a form of Yak is in rhino 6 for Windows.