Creating an RHI installer for a grasshopper plugin

I’m about to release a (grasshopper) plugin, at this moment I could not find mentioning for Grasshopper Plugins yet in the RHI documentation. Is it supported at the moment?

In the future i’d like to include a rhino plugin, but at this moment it’s not yet available. Any idea where to start?

Just for completeness, see this page on making RHI files.

I have not created an RHI file without an RHP inside, so I’m not sure if it will work. I do know, however, that once an RHP is known to Rhino, Grasshopper will automatically find any GHA files in the same directory.

If it does not work without an RHP, why not create a dummy RHP that accompanies the GHA. Then later, you can add stuff to the RHP. But because the RHP is known, Grasshopper will find the GHA.


Thanks, I’ll look into it!