RH7 mac not showing Materials Editor

I have the reoccurring problem that the Materials Editor is not showing. This means it neither does anything open up when i type " _MaterialEditor",
nor does it show any options in the Materials panel. It is just missing.
The upper part with the materials Thumbnails is showing up in the materials tab, but they are extremely pixelated and below that, where the Material settings should be displayed when i select a material or object, nothing shows up.

I am using Rhino 7 for mac (7.12.21313.06342, 2021-11-09) on a 2014 15" Macbook pro with GT750m.

Hi David -
I’m not sure if what you are seeing is wrong.

The MaterialEditor simply sets the inspector panel to the Panels: Materials panel:

It sounds like you get that to appear.

When you select an object in the viewport, the display in this panel will not change.