Rh wip : viewports are freezing and turning to black



HI ,

I keep having a weird problem since starting to use RH 6 + GH .

no matter what file size I am using , each of the viewports will freeze and turning to black when i leave the file open for a certain time ( say 2 minutes or so ) without any action.

after this time the shown view freeze and when i try to move/rotate it the viewport turns to black.

SOLUTION : the only one solution i have at the time to “unlock” the viewport is to change display mode on each of the viewport , 1 at the time , only after doing this the given viewport display will start to work again.

despite I am still able to work this is annoying behavior , any suggestion ?

thanks , Filippo

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

Does it only happen if you also have GH open?

Can you post your OpenGL information?



Hi it happen always , no matter if GH is open or closed

attached please find the my options


Filippooptions.ini (136.0 KB)

(David Eränen) #4

Can you also post information from Help -> System Information… ?

Does this happen in any display mode? Are you using a space mouse?


(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Filippo - does this occur with any display mode active in the view, or only some? Are these set at default settings, does that make any difference?



Hi Pascal

I’d say that this is happening with each display mode…each view will
freeeze after a few minutes with no actions on the mouse

all i need to do is just to switch the display mode of each view to a
different one ( I’d say no matter which ) and everything start to be
correctly displayed once again



(David Eränen) #7


Could you try to unload all plug-ins and make sure they don’t load on startup. Then see if the issue happens. If not, then it would be possible to figure out which plug-in is causing the problem.